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How Compounding Pharmacies Help With Type 2 Diabetes Management

At any given time, nearly 10 percent of the US population is dealing with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes requires careful management and lifestyle changes. However, diabetes doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. In addition, people need individual care methods to control their diabetes. Compounding pharmacies are a good choice for delivering unique diabetes management solutions.

Why Diabetics Require Individual Care

Diabetes is a disease that severely lowers or completely blocks your body’s ability to produce insulin. Multiple types of diabetes exist, but type 2 diabetes is the most common and widespread form of the disease.

Type 2 diabetes means the body isn’t producing enough insulin. When you eat food, your body turns some of the food into sugar. Your pancreas releases insulin, which signals your cells to open up and accept the sugar. That sugar, or glucose, is how you produce energy.

With type 2 diabetes, your body can still sometimes produce some insulin. However, your body won’t produce enough insulin, or the insulin it does produce fails. This insulin resistance can create several health complications.

Diabetes-Related Disorders

A tremendous amount of possible health issues can stem from type 2 diabetes:

  • Nerve pain and damage
  • Serious eye problems
  • Numerous skin conditions
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Dental disease
  • Foot problems

Each of these health issues can manifest in many ways as they are all umbrella terms for a host of possible issues.

For example, a skin condition can occur in the form of a fungal infection, a bacterial infection, dermopathy, or any of a number of other skin conditions. Each of those conditions requires a different kind of treatment and management routine.

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t directly cause all the possible health issues. Rather, the disease impairs your immune system. The impairment creates an environment that allows many of these conditions to develop.

Diabetes-Related Symptoms

Other than the myriad of possible health issues, the diabetes symptoms themselves also require management. Some symptoms of type 2 diabetes can include:

  • An increase in thirst and hunger
  • Numbness or tingling in extremities
  • Constant fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Slower healing
  • Fluctuating weight

The combination of the possible symptoms and the possible disorders can create a completely unique set of issues for someone. You may need to treat your diabetes while also dealing with a skin issue. Someone else may have less insulin resistance but must deal with chronic nerve pain and eye problems.

Because everyone can experience type 2 diabetes differently, everyone requires individual management methods. To complicate matters, not all people react the same way to the ingredients in their diabetic medicines. This is true of any medication but can make a great deal of difference for a diabetic trying to manage the disease while maintaining their quality of life.

How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help Diabetics

Treating type 2 diabetes requires dieting, exercise, medications, supplements, and possibly insulin injections. You will need to carefully manage your blood glucose and blood pressure. You will need to keep your cholesterol in check and limit your calories if you also have weight issues.

Your individual needs require a personal solution. A compounding pharmacy can help to personalize your diabetic care management.

Medication Customization

Your medication may not come in dosages most beneficial to your unique needs. Commercially produced medication can contain additives you’re allergic to or things that can upset one of your conditions. The medications you have may not even come in a form you’re comfortable with or a taste you can tolerate.

Compounding pharmacies can give you the medication you need in the way you want, without all the extra stuff. For example, compounding pharmacies can:

  • Create dosages and strengths that fall more in line with your needs
  • Change the flavor of your medicine to make it more palatable
  • Eliminate the additives and preservatives often used by commercial manufacturers
  • Create a medication you need that’s currently in short supply elsewhere
  • Create viable alternatives to your meds to eliminate side effects
  • Change the form of your medication

The compounding pharmacy will stick to your prescription or work with your doctor to figure out better ways to fix any medication issues you have.

Unique Solutions

Multiple issues stemming from type 2 diabetes will require you to increase your intake of certain vitamins and minerals. Compounding pharmacies can offer you high-quality supplements tailored to fit your symptoms, condition, and current medications.

Topical pain relief applications represent another solution. You can apply these transdermal creams or gels directly to where you’re experiencing pain. This solution works well for those who don’t want to swallow a pill that might interfere with their diabetes medication.

The compounding pharmacy will work with you to find solutions that address all of your health issues, not just your diabetes. Whether you’re struggling with your type 2 diabetes management, or you just want to make it easier, contact Potter’s House Apothecary. We can help.

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