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Rectal Pain

Rectal Pain is a common problem, yet many people are embarrassed to talk to their physician or pharmacist about it. Compounding offers solutions for patients struggling with hemorrhoids (both pre- and post-surgical) and anal fissures. We often see these conditions arise from childbirth, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, straining during bowel movements, large or firm stools, and other chronic conditions. Hemorrhoids and anal fissures not only cause discomfort or pain, but can cause rectal bleeding, itching, swelling, and anal spasms.

We offer compounded medications that can help relieve pain, relieve pressure, promote healing, and soothe the irritated tissues. Examples of common medications used are nitroglycerin, diltiazem, bethanechol, lidocaine, and steroids. We can formulate these medications in topical creams or suppositories. For faster healing and reduced side effects, topical treatments are applied directly to the site of the tear or hemorrhoid.

Some patients may find it uncomfortable or unsanitary to apply medications to their rectum with their finger. We have a solution. Potter’s House Apothecary has partnered with practitioners to offer patients the DoseRite™ system. This applicator system provides a clean, simple, and painless way to apply our compounded medications directly to the fissure or hemorrhoid.

Having chronic issues with hemorrhoids or fissures? We can help. Talk to one of our knowledgeable pharmacists to see not only how to treat the condition but to also reduce the risk of recurrence. We have high quality, professional grade supplements (probiotics and magnesium glycinate), professional grade CBD, and other resources that can help reduce your rectal pain.