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Migraine sufferers know how debilitating migraine headaches can be. Migraines impact many aspects of life and often affect the ability to eat, work, socialize, and perform other daily functions. There are many causes and triggers of migraine headaches that include hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, adrenal disorders, medications, food sensitivities, environmental toxin overload, chronic conditions, stress, and many others. These vary from patient to patient and until the underlying cause of migraines is identified, we have treatment options to address the symptoms. There are many commercially available medications to help with migraine management, but they are too expensive, are limited on doses per day/week/month, can have side effects, and provide little relief for many people.

Compounding offers a unique approach to treating migraines. Compounded nasal sprays containing either ketamine or lidocaine have been effective for many migraine sufferers. We can also compound NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), vitamins, caffeine, and other agents in various dosage forms (nasal sprays, oral lozenges, oral capsules, suppositories, topical creams) that can provide relief from migraine pain.

Discontinued medications, such as Midrin®, are also available as compounded products. We are always happy to work with providers to create customized options for patients based on preference, symptoms, current medications, and many other factors.

Potter’s House Apothecary has professional grade supplements that can support nutrition, adrenal disorders, hormone balance, and other conditions that can be contributing to the cause of migraine headaches.

We also offer consultations that can help you address the underlying causes of migraines associated with nutrition, diet, lifestyle, hormone balance, and others. Visit our consultations page to learn more.