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Just like their owners, pets are unique. They come in all shapes and sizes, require custom weight-based strengths and can be sensitive to ingredients like lactose. Considering this, it’s no surprise that commercially available medications aren’t always appropriate for every pet. Compounding provides your veterinarian with the flexibility to prescribe custom tailored medications specifically for your pet and their unique needs.

Veterinary compounding is a very specialized field requiring extensive training, equipment, and chemicals not found in traditional pharmacies. Our advanced training enables us to provide solutions to difficult animal medication problems.

Compounding is ideal for pets that won’t take medication because of the taste. We can work closely with your veterinarian to prepare medicine in easy-to-give, flavored dosage forms that pets of all kinds will happily devour.

We can combine several medications into a single convenient preparation. We can also prepare the medication in a different form such as a transdermal gel that can easily be rubbed onto the inside of your pet’s ear. Sometimes a novel delivery system, like accordion style puffers for applying powder to difficult-to-reach areas or dauber bottles for painting medication on a hoof, is required.

We are trained to think outside the box and have many unique solutions to offer. Ask your Veterinarian about having your pet’s medication compounded at Potter’s House Apothecary!

“Our Pets are special. Their medication should be too”. – Kevin Borg, PharmD. / Owner 

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