What is Compounding?

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Compounding is the preparation of a customized medication to solve a problem or meet a specific patient need. Compounding pharmacists work together with practitioners and their patients to decide on the most appropriate therapy for each individual. For example, if a person is unable to take medication orally (perhaps due to nausea), we may be able to place the needed medication into a transdermal gel that will allow the medication to be absorbed through the skin. Some individuals are unable to take a commercial product because it contains a dye, sugar, alcohol or lactose. We can solve the problem by compounding a medication without the problem-causing additive. If an elderly patient or small child needs a reduced strength of medication or is unable to swallow a tablet, we can compound a pleasantly flavored liquid that can be easily administered. Sometimes we can prepare dosage forms containing more than one medication to simplify a confusing schedule and reduce the potential for medication errors. Compounding pharmacies can prepare medications that are no longer available, discontinued or on back order. If you have problems giving medicine to your pets, we can help by compounding the drug into a form and flavor that the animal will devour!

Do All Pharmacies Compound?

Compounding requires specialized equipment and chemicals that are not available in most pharmacies. Our pharmacists have received extensive training in modern compounding techniques and regularly attend continuing education seminars. We also have a support network that continually generates new ideas. By combining the ageless art of compounding with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, we can offer practical solutions for our patients’ medication problems.

When are your customer care specialists and pharmacists available?

Our customer care specialists and pharmacists are available in office or by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How quickly can my prescription be filled?

95% of prescriptions are ready for pick up within 3-4 business days after the prescription is received. As a courtesy, a pharmacy staff member will notify you via text or phone when your prescription is ready.

Will my Insurance pay for my medication?

We do accept most insurance plans and are happy to bill them when it is cost effective for our patients. In some cases our cash price is lower than the patient’s co-pay. There are a few insurance companies that are now not covering compounded medications, thus leaving the patient responsible for the cost. In the event that we are not contracted with your plan we can provide you with a claim form to obtain reimbursement. While you may be paying a pharmacy directly for a compounded prescription; most insurance plans should cover the final cost.

Can you ship my medications?

We can ship your medications via Federal Express at your request with no additional fees for processing and handling. Standard shipping rates apply.

What if my doctor doesn’t prescribe compounded medication?

Change your doctor. Call us today, we can provide you with a list of valley physicians that are familiar with and prescribe compounded medications.