Frequently Asked Questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy

How do I begin a Natural Hormone Replacement Regimen?

Start by educating yourself. There is a wealth of information on this website. We also invite you to our free seminars held at the pharmacy. Call today for upcoming dates and to RSVP. When you are ready you can contact us by phone 623.362.9322 or through the CONTACT US tab on our main page. You can also set up a private consultation with our pharmacist on this site as well.

What if my doctor doesn’t work with compounded hormone therapy?

Change your doctor. Call us today, we can provide you with a list of valley physicians that prescribe natural hormone replacement therapy.

What needs to be tested?

Hormone levels need to be measured; Adrenal glands and the Thyroid if indicated. Required tests are determined during a consultation.

Where do I get a test kit?

You can obtain a kit by visiting our pharmacy 21585 N 77th Ave. #1500, Peoria, AZ 85382.

Where is the testing done?

You do the test yourself in the comfort of your own home. Then you mail the kit to ZRT labs in the envelope provided.

How much does the testing cost?

Testing typically costs $240-$299 depending on tests required. What’s your sanity worth?

How often do I need to be tested?

This varies by the individual. Typically symptoms will change with aging.

How long does it take to work?

Natural hormone replacement therapy is a process, so it depends on the individual. Some people experience a quicker effect than others, but the general timeframe tends to be anywhere from 3 weeks to 3-6 months. The beauty of customized hormone replacement therapy is that it is totally individualized, so it does depend on the individual.

Can I take hormones if I have breast cancer or have breast cancer in my family?

Yes, but you must see a doctor first. We can then work with your doctor.

How long do I have to take hormone replacement?

How long do you want to live a life full of joy and energy?