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“I am 65 years old and have increasing pain due to osteoarthritis of the cervical spine. After using non-traditional methods for many years I sought help from a neurologist that prescribed me a compounded pain cream from PHA. I received a call from Marlene, the kind and caring technician that answered all of my questions and concerns. Natalie, the pharmacist that consulted with me, was also a joy and explained the purpose of the medication alleviating my concerns. The cream is simple to use, works quickly, is non-greasy and helps with the pain and the pain in my arthritic fingers too. I absolutely recommend Potter’s House Apothecary to my family and friends. Thank you so much!!”
- Karen S

“I suffer from Lymphoma of my thoracic spine. The surgery, chemo and radiation have left me with residual constant back pain. The only relief I could get was with strong oral pain meds. I truly did not believe this cream would help after so many other treatments had failed. But I used it as directed and saw 10-20% relief. The service was excellent, organized, friendly and helpful. The staff was a pleasure to deal with. I am delighted with your company.”
- Phyllis B

“I have orthopedic arthritis and my oral anti-inflammatory medication was not working anymore. My primary doctor recommended I try the cream from Potter’s House. I can tell it when I use it within 15 minutes. Everyone was so warm and knowledgeable and gave excellent service. Thank you for my cream.”
- Diane K

“I have bunion pain and was opposed to taking oral pain meds so I asked my doctor for an alternative. He recommended that I try a topical cream for the pain. I am very satisfied with the service provided by Potter’s House Apothecary. Their customer service is fantastic, as the staff kept me informed through the entire process. They also followed up with me after I received the medication. I live over 100 miles away from Potter’s House; therefore, the follow up via telephone has been extremely appreciated.”
- Howard W

“After using the wound cream, the wounds on my foot are nearly fully healed and the infection is gone. Potter’s House is professional all the way with sincere caring. Continue to do what you do so well.”
- David G

“The very first time I used the pain cream, there was a sign of relief. It is getting better every day. The employees we spoke with were very polite and professional and had a special kindness in their hearts.”
- Lana B

“I have lupus, extreme peripheral neuropathy and arthritis in all of my joints in my hands and was in non-stop pain 24 hours a day. The medication I received is wonderful and has exceeded all my expectations. I now go 4-5 hours without pain and burning.”
- Elizabeth G

“This medication is nothing short of a miracle! I suffer from fibromyalgia and lumbar spondylosis and can barely get out of bed some days. The cream I got at Potter’s House was made just for me and is awesome. It’s made my nights and mornings so much better.”
- Rebecca S

“A stroke left me with stiffness and pain in my leg. After trying cortisone shots and in-home therapy that did not ease the pain, I was thrilled to discover that in 10 minutes after applying your cream, my pain was gone. The service from the staff and pharmacists was wonderful – very friendly – thanks to everyone at Potter’s House Apothecary.”
- Gloria D

“I am using the pain cream on my heel to avoid surgery and it really helps a lot. This company is GREAT in itself and GREAT staff and pharmacist. Thank you for helping me.”
- Delores L

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