HRT Prescriber Support

Our goal is to maximize your patient’s results by improving compliance through customized medications and unique dosage forms. Partnering with us gives you the freedom to prescribe quality, custom tailored medications for your patient’s unique needs.

We offer our prescribers consultative services in an effort to work as a team to enhance the health care plan of their patients by providing a resource and education component. Our experienced pharmacists are available to discuss a variety of treatment options that include but are not limited to, OTC supplements, lifestyle modification, writing prescriptions for hormone replacement, assistance with lab values and dosage form recommendations.

Recommended Lab Values
Testosterone (total and free) Thyroid Panel of TSH, T3, T4
Estrogen (Estradiol and Estriol) FSH
Progesterone LH
Pregnenolone (if available) Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

We also offer an informational seminar every other month here at the pharmacy that provides a comprehensive overview of hormones, thyroid management, adrenal health and gut health. These seminars are conveniently offered in the evening, free of charge for both patients and prescribers. This seminar provides a wealth of information, a relaxed, open question and answer forum as well as an opportunity to network with others. Visit our Events page to see our upcoming seminar dates. For more information about our consultative services, please contact the pharmacy at 623.362.9322.