We also offer a full-spectrum hemp extract created exclusively for cats and dogs.

Like us, our furry friends have cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body and brain. These receptors work on pain, mood, appetite and inflammation which help restore normal balance and homeostasis. Just as CBD has helped humans, your pets can reap the same health-boosting benefits.

Ananda Pets does not require a prescription, is 100% legal, safe and contains all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, Ananda hemp-derived extract and bacon flavoring. Coconut oil is an edible oil that is extracted from the meat of matured coconuts from the coconut tree and has been proven to be good for cats and dogs. It can help aid your pet’s digestion, improve their coat, help prevent infection and much more.

CBD has been extensively studied for its effect on stress and anxiety. It may help pets who suffer from separation anxiety or noise phobias.

CBD can protect the nervous system and help with neurodegenerative diseases including degenerative myelopathy and other spine and nerve issues, like ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by protecting the brain cells from toxicity. For senior dogs, CBD has been shown to protect the brain from cell death caused by free radicals and toxins.

CBD can increase appetite and help with nausea. If you have trouble getting your dog to eat, CBD may help. The National Cancer Institute reports that CBD increases appetite and carries this extra benefit, in addition to controlling cancer. In animal studies, CBD has also been shown to help with vomiting and nausea, even when they are the result of toxins and drugs.

In addition, CBD shows promise in supporting:

  • Neurology & cognitive function
  • Immunity & allergy systems
  • Hip & joint mobility
  • Relaxation & comfort
  • Everyday health & wellness

To purchase CBD products or if you have additional questions, call us or stop by the pharmacy today. Our friendly and educated staff are here to help you!