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Can Dogs Benefit From CBD Supplements?

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD is safe for dogs, but you should be aware of numerous caveats to consider before you give your dog CBD in any form.

Speak With Your Dog’s Vet

Start by speaking with your dog’s vet about CBD dog supplements. Your vet may have some insight, warnings, or other information that can help you make a safe choice when it comes to CBD.

Since industrial hemp derived CBD is legal in Arizona, the state’s veterinarians will likely have some experience or observations to offer when it comes to dog supplements containing CBD.

Research CBD Products for Dogs

CBD isn’t always the same thing in every product that contains it. In Arizona, CBD can only come from industrial hemp plants with 0.3% or less THC. That very low THC amount is what separates industrial hemp from the typical marijuana plant most people have familiarity with.

THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. Since the goal isn’t to get your dog high, you’ll want to avoid CBD products that contain high amounts of THC. Instead, always look for products that come from hemp and contain little to no THC.

In addition, research any product you’re considering. The internet is full of testimonies, reviews, anecdotes, and other information on CBD products of all types. If you can’t find anything on a particular brand, you can still look up any of the ingredients included in the product.

Some general rules for choosing CBD products for dogs include:

  • Avoid too many additives or fillers
  • Always choose organic when possible
  • The more CBD in the product, the better

Products with more CBD and less of anything else are typically the types of products you will want. This isn’t always the case, and it may depend on precisely what you’re trying to accomplish by giving your dog CBD supplements.

Is CBD Helpful to Dogs?

CBD dog supplements can potentially help with several issues.

Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

CBD can help your dog handle anxious situations. This can become especially beneficial if your dog has PTSD or panic disorders.

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer

When you give your dog CBD, you can help it to arrest cancer and tumor cells. CBD can also work in conjunction with other cancer or tumor treatments you may give your dog.

Manage Your Dog’s Seizures

If your dog suffers from epilepsy or seizures, CBD can often help. With CBD products of dogs, you can help to lessen the frequency of seizures as well as the intensity of those seizures.

Relive Your Dog’s Pain

CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation in dogs that suffer from chronic pain.

Help Your Dog’s Appetite, Digestion, and Bowels

Dogs with intestinal issues, bowel disorders, and low appetites can all benefit from CBD. The properties of CBD can help combat the onset of bowel diseases and aid in digestion. If your dog suffers from GI tract issues, CBD can work towards relieving them of the gas, bloating, or other issues that come along with gastrointestinal problems.

CBD can also help to increase the appetite of dogs that have trouble with wanting to eat. Related to these things is the ability of CBD to help dogs with issues related to vomiting and nausea as well.

Bypass Your Dog’s Drug Resistance

Some dogs have a resistance to certain medications they may need. In some cases, a CBD supplement can help with certain conditions if your dog resists the medication for that same condition.

Some other conditions CBD can help your dog with include:

  • Stress
  • Heart problems
  • Mobility
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Cardiovascular health

CBD can help with many other conditions and situations related to the health of your dog. However, CBD isn’t a cure-all or miracle supplement. You may come across many claims about what CBD can do for dogs, but don’t always assume those claims all apply to your particular companion.

What CBD can and cannot do will depend largely on the issues your dog deals with along with what else you’re doing to manage the problem. CBD can definitely help, but speak with your veterinarian first.

When considering CBD for your dog, always choose a reputable provider of CBD products. Also, ask questions about anything you’re unsure about. Any reputable provider will gladly answer your questions about the product they offer and how to use it the right way.

When you’re ready to give CBD for your dog a try, contact Potter’s House Apothecary. We have tested, high-quality CBD from hemp extract specifically formulated for pets.

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