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3 CBD Products to Help With Anxiety

Non-THC CBD oil has been used to help with all types of ailments and problems, including anxiety. For people who suffer through daily anxiety or anxiety attacks, a CBD treatment could help lessen the impacts of anxiety and allow you to get through each day.

When you consider CBD products, you have many methods to help treat anxiety. Learn about the various products and how they work. Once you are informed about the CBD options, you can select the best one to fit your needs and lifestyle.

  1. Oral Drops/Tinctures

For daily anxiety treatment, you may consider oral CBD drops. Similar in texture and flavor to olive oil, CBD drops are typically used once daily. The drops go directly under the tongue for quick absorption rather than swallowing.

Each oil comes with a different concentration of CDB oil. The exact amount you need would be from recommendations from either a doctor, pharmacist, or trained professional. In many cases, a patient may start off on a lower dose and then increase the dose as needed. Every patient is different, so the smaller dose will give an idea of how the oil impacts the feelings of anxiety.

  1. Soft Gel Capsules

The texture, flavor, or daily use of a CBD drop could be a challenge for some people. As an alternative option, consider a soft gel capsule. Much like fish oil capsules as opposed to straight-up fish oil, the soft gel capsules are swallowed whole and the person who takes the capsule does not taste any of the flavors.

Capsules are available in the same concentrations as the oil drops, making it easy to transition or start on a specific dosage. If anxiety keeps you awake at night, then a soft gel capsule may be an ideal option to take before bed. As the CBD oil infuses into your body, the natural elements may help calm your anxiety down and get you to sleep faster.

  1. CBD Salve

Another external option for CBD application is a salve. The salve can be rubbed anywhere, from your hands to your face, and will help reduce anxiety as the CBD absorbs into the skin. The salve may also help with skin ailments like dry or flaky skin.

Smaller amounts of CBD are contained in the product, so people can be freer with the daily amount of salve they use.

For more information on all of our CBD products and their benefits, contact us today at Potter’s House Apothecary Inc. We have a wide range of products available and guide you in the right direction as you get started with CBD oils for treating anxiety. We are always happy to answer any of your questions.

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